Re: remove_if under visual 2005

"=?iso-8859-1?q?Daniel_Kr=FCgler?=" <>
14 Nov 2006 20:47:26 -0500
Meador Inge schrieb:

Carlos Moreno wrote:

And did not qualify it to std (either prefixing and calling
it std::remove_if, or by using namespace std;)

I thought about that as well. However, for this specific case the std::
is not needed. The reason being that the vector is already qualified
thus Koenig lookup will kick in and find remove_if.

The fully qualified name std::remove_if is indeed necessary for
portable programs. Whether ADL applies or not depends on the
question whether std::vector<A>::iterator is a user-defined type found
by ADL or if it is not (e.g. a raw pointer).

There exists good chances, that your favourite compiler will accept the
unqualified call in debug mode but hastens to add that it doesn't like
it in release mode (depending on your compiler-specific settings, of

Greetings from Bremen,

Daniel Kr?gler

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