Re: problem with inluding lapackpp

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Thu, 1 Mar 2007 12:57:25 -0500
<es746l$im4$> wrote:

I've downloaded (unpack etc) lapckpp library from

I want to use it but I have problems with including it.

I have included main file \include\lapackpp\lapackpp.h
but compiler says that there is no files aversion.h, f2c.h,
lafnames.h which are in the same directory like lapackpp.h and what
is more funny there are more files which have to be included from the
same place but compiler says about only these 3.

Uh... What do you think we can do?

I'm using Code::Blocks and I've tried to change compiler from gcc into
another but the problem is the same. I've checked it in Builder and
the same...

Well, gcc newsgroup is '' or ''. Borland C++
Builder also has its own newsgroups, 'borland.public.cppbuilder.*'.

Could anybody try to include it (free soft) maybe I have something
wrong in my settings...

Most likely. But we can't help you with those. You need to ask in
the newsgroup dedicated to your compiler.

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