Re: socket port is not configuring .... plz help

"Jim Langston" <>
Thu, 8 Mar 2007 12:03:59 -0800
"yogesh" <> wrote in message

i developing a game in c++,
for that i got the socket program is working successfull in freebsd ,
but the same program is shifted to the Redhat linux 9.0 .

i change the ip address and the port is also same

i can compile the code successfull. but if i run the server socket
file It not assigning the port ,
the port i am liking is 8002 .

if i run the server no output it just waiting stage is going on

i will show the output as follows

In FreeBSD
freebsd1# sh
listen port: 1024

listen port: 8002


[root@gemini /]# cd /home/casino/bin/server/
[root@gemini server]# sh
[root@gemini server]#

port is not assign . ip address and port is right ...

what will be the problem , can any one help

This souinds more like an OS issue, maybe you should try a linux newsgroup

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