Re: Is it good to assert after new() everytime

"James Kanze" <>
1 Apr 2007 03:25:51 -0700
On Mar 31, 10:49 pm, "JohnQ" <>

"James Kanze" <> wrote in message
On Mar 29, 11:37 pm, "J.M." <> wrote:

the one
  time I experimented under Windows NT, I couldn't get an out
  of memory condition either.

Do you mean working with a compiler-supplied memory manager you couldn't =


that you built a memory manager directly on top of the virtual memory sys=


and couldn't identify out-of-mem?

Well, I only tried with the compiler-supplied memory manager
(malloc, in my test case). I *think* that the problem was at
the system level, however, and I also wouldn't be at all
surprised to find that it is configurable, and that the code
works with other configurations. However, every time I tried to
exhaust memory, the system would first automatically increase
the swap space, and then pop-up a window telling me that there
wasn't enough memory, and asking me to kill some applications to
make more memory available. In no case did I ever return from
malloc without having successfully allocated memory.

But as I say, that was just one particular test, and I have no
idea whether it depends on some configuration parameters or not.

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