Re: Why does VS2005 show errors in standard include files?????

"Bo Persson" <>
Wed, 6 Jun 2007 19:03:36 +0200
Bo Berglund wrote:
:: On Wed, 6 Jun 2007 10:51:21 +0200, "Bo Persson" <> wrote:
::: Bo Berglund wrote:
::::: I am a total newbie with Visual Studio 2005, but I have to use
::::: it to create a small test application with an x64 target since
::::: no other tool I have can compile 64 bit apps for Windows.
::::: The test application is for accessing a Sentinel software
::::: protection key.
::::: What I have done is this:
::::: - Created a console application (simplest type of app possible)
::::: - Put some printf statements into the main() function
::::: - Added my own test code in additional c files
::: The default for the compiler is to compile .c files as C, and .cpp
::: files as C++. Did you include cstdio into the .c files?
:: I quoted the complete main.cpp file and as you can see there is
:: nothing mentioned about cstdio there...
:: It is also *not* in any of my other files. Very strange, maybe
:: VS2005 is looking for it because of some other include that might
:: chain over to that file???

There is another difference between C and C++ - standard headers will
include other headers. Most probably <fstream> is built on top of

::: Either name your files .cpp, or set the "compile as" options
::: propely in the project settings.
:: How is that done? I am a complete newbie concerning VS2005, having
:: worked for 15 years only with Borland products mainly Delphi.

Look under Project, Properties. Select Configuration Properties,
C/C++, Advanced. There you can select "Compile As" to be either C,
C++, or default (meaning look at the extension). If you want to
compile C++ only, you can set that here.

Bo Persson

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