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Wed, 04 Jul 2007 09:03:08 GMT
On 2007-07-04 09:14, Hello wrote:

 From Beginner:
I designed a good program for kids. When I separate the program files
from its mother program (Visual Studio Standard Edition) and made a copy
on my brother(child) computer .
It does not operate and a message appeared asking me to make
Configuration to this program.
Please what do you do in such case?
Is there a certain software can do the configuration for me?
What I have to do??

First of, please don't post HTML-messages to this group, see the
documentation of you newsreader on how to configure this.

Your question is off-topic for this group since it's platform specific,
in the future post to a group for your platform, the FAQ have some
suggestions of groups which might be suitable:

Your problem is that your brothers computer does not have the necessary
runtime files needed to run your application, there are a number of ways
to solve this, you could either create a installer to your program which
includes these files, use static compilation to include them in the
program, or download and install the runtime-files to your brothers
computer. To do the latter go to and search
for C++ redistributable and download the appropriate file.

Should that not work, ask in one of the groups mentioned in the FAQ or

Erik Wikstr?m

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