Re: Basically, I hate functions.... a little more help, if you would.....

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Thu, 11 Oct 2007 10:14:23 GMT
On 2007-10-11 11:47, HED wrote:

Ok still a student who is basically teaching himself.... I am haveing
some touble getting how functions work, but I have figured SOME of it
out. (about 1/10 of 1%) My program has this function in it, and
after it is compiling it is telling me "c:\documents and settings\us
\my documents\visual studio 2005\projects
\assingment1\assingment1\assingment4a.cpp(45) : error C3861:
'getline': identifier not found"

huh? I have used getline before in the same format (I even checked
previous assingments), but I do not understand why it is doing that.

string getname()
    string username;
    cout<<"Please enter your name"<<endl;
    getline (cin, username);
    return username;

The getline() function is declared in <string>, so either you have not
included <string> or you have used 'using std::string;' earlier but not
done so for std::getline(). My advice would be to not use using
declarations or using directives since the extra typing is quite low and
you run the risk of getting into problems.

My other problem is " error C2448: 'menu' : function-style initializer
appears to be a function definition"

I thought i spoke pretty fluent geek until i started trying to debug
my programs.....

I do not understand what it is telling me. Menu is a void function,
but I am (I think/hope) trying to put a string in it, so it looks

void menu(name)

What is the type of name? This should probably be

  void menu(const std::string& name)

Erik Wikstr??m

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