Re: inner class

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Fri, 9 Nov 2007 09:29:10 -0500
mosfet wrote:

here is my problem. I have a base class and two class deriving from it
that I use to handle different UI context.
These classes are used inside another UI class called CMainView

// definition
class UIContext
UIContext(CMainView* pView, LPListInfo_t lpListInfo = NULL) = 0;
virtual ~UIContext();

virtual void DoLayout() = 0;
virtual void SetListView() = 0;
virtual LPListInfo_t GetListInfo();


LPListInfo_t m_lpListInfo;
int m_nItemCount;
CMainView* m_pView;

class UIContextMain : public UIContext
UIContextMain( CMainView* pView );
virtual ~UIContextMain() {}

virtual void DoLayout();
virtual void SetListView();

class UIContextSettings : public UIContext
UIContextSettings( CMainView* pView );
virtual ~UIContextSettings() {}

virtual void DoLayout();
virtual void SetListView();

class CMainView : public CBaseView

UIContext* m_pCurCtx; // Current context
UIContextMain* m_pCtxMain; // Main Context
UIContextSchedule* m_pCtxSchedule; // Scheduling context
UIContextSettings* m_pCtxSettings; // Settings Context


UIContext::UIContext(CMainView* pView, LPListInfo_t lpListInfo)
m_pView = pView;
m_lpListInfo = NULL;

A BAD IDEA(tm). Do not use assignment, use initialisation.


void UIContextMain::SetListView()
CString strText;
CSyncClient* pSyncClient = CSyncClient::GetInstance();

int nIndex = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < m_nItemCount ; i++)
strText = m_pView->GetResText(m_lpListInfo[i].TextId);

The problem with this approach is that I need to use m_pView
everytime I need to access to my CMainView*.

Uh... Yes. How else do you think of accessing it? And what _is_
the problem with using 'm_pView' to access that object?

How can I have a class that can directly access to CMainView members
without having to deference a pointer ?

What would the interface look like? What do you expect that class to
do? How would you call its member functions, and what are they going
to be named?

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