Re: Only one printer shown in CPrintDlg Combobox

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Mon, 7 Jan 2008 10:06:24 -0500
<fltf5h$3vn$> wrote:

On 7 Jan., 13:21, Salt_Peter <> wrote:

On Jan 7, 5:59 am, wrote:

I've got a serious Problem with the CPrintDlg. I'm starting the
I hope its specific enough, if not, just tell me.

Sorry but C++ has no notion of 'dialog', 'dropdownlist' or any class
You might consider reading the FAQ and in particular - the following
section - to determine where you might post your request.
[5.9] Which newsgroup should I post my

I recognized that too, but at that time i've already postet my problem
here and since then i wasn't able to remove it. Is there a way i can
remove it myself or does it need an admin to delete it?

Not sure what interface you're using, some of them allow you to cancel
your message (which creates another message that servers process in
a special way). Unfortunately, many servers are malconfigured now to
disallow cancellations, so it's often easier to just let it be.

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