Re: C++ IDE with graphical application building and good portability

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Fri, 11 Jan 2008 17:52:28 GMT
On 2008-01-11 17:01, Lars Uffmann wrote:

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

I am currently using Eclipse Europa with the C-Development Toolkit (plus
gnu-toolchain under cygwin) and the Widestudio Native Application
Builder plugin.

While I am surprised I actually got this configured and running, it has
some things that I do not like too much - especially a couple of bugs
(build tools vanishing from the builder settings upon switching between
projects, for example). And then the NAB plugin has some nasty
limitations, plus I seem to be unable to include my own "tool" libaries
when using the NAB/MWT Builder.

So I was wondring what other people use - I mean - there's a bazillion
of GUI applications out there, you can't tell me that everyone builds
their windows by typing in the code... :)

There are only a few widely used GUI frameworks out there, and either
you simply type all the code or they come with some kind of builder (or
you use a builder developed by someone else for your framework).

I would like to avoid Visual Studio (have been suggested that in the
past), and preferably use something that includes the gnu compiler (for
license reasons and for being - afaik - the best c-compiler around).

Personally I think that VS is the best GUI available for Windows, and if
you do not want to use MFC you can use Qt, it should integrate quite
nicely into the IDE.

As far as compilers are concerned the VS compiler is more or less as
good as gcc, but not of them are the best. By the way, what are those
licence concerns you are having?

I do not mind a bit of configuration work (getting eclipse & plugins to
run properly took me days the first time), but the end result should
produce binaries can simply be copied to another computer and will run
on any computer that uses the same operating system and meets the
hardware/driver requirements for the programs. Copying of dlls along
with the executable is acceptable, of course :)

Compile with static linkage.

Erik Wikstr?m

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