Re: doing C++ the Java way

James Kanze <>
Sat, 8 Mar 2008 01:58:40 -0800 (PST)
On 8 mar, 07:18, Greg Herlihy <> wrote:

On Mar 7, 7:55 pm, wrote:

On Mar 7, 7:20 pm, Carmen Sei <> wrote:

Can i write the C++ prototype using only Java equivalent features?

I only use Class objects, static variable, single inheritance
(extends), new+free()/delete(), #define

First, don't use free with new, use delete.

To be more "Java-like" I would not use delete either, but
instead rely on shared_ptr's to manage allocated pointers.

shared_ptr aren't very Java-like. To be more Java-like, he
could install a garbage collector. But C++ with garbage
collection isn't really very Java-like either (and you do need
someone who really knows what they're doing to configure the
garbage collector for your environment).

In his case, since it's a prototype, the simplest solution is
probably just to use raw pointers, call delete when it's obvious
when delete needs to be called, and let the application leak a

   And what is the Java

equivalent of #define?

Pretty much the same as it is in C++. In both C++ and Java, a
(non- macro) #define would be replaced by a const variable
declaration - while a #define that creates a preprocessor
macro would be rewritten as a - in the C++ case, an inline -

And a #define which plays games with program structure doesn't
have an equivalent in Java. Going from Java to C++, he can
pretty much ignore #define to begin with, except for include

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