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James Kanze <>
Fri, 27 Jun 2008 12:14:39 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 27, 7:15 pm, Paavo Helde <> wrote:

"Alf P. Steinbach" <> kirjutas:

* James Kanze:


Of course, this requirement is ignored more often than it
is met; Unix doesn't make the program name available in any
shape, form or fashion, and I don't think Windows does


From Windows SDK documentation:

LPTSTR WINAPI GetCommandLine(void);

The return value is a pointer to the command-line string for
the current process.

And when the process wasn't started from a command line?

Note The name of the executable in the command line that the
operating system provides to a process is not necessarily
identical to that in the command line that the calling process
gives to the CreateProcess function. The operating system may
prepend a fully qualified path to an executable name that is
provided without a fully qualified path.

So it seems Windows makes it available in some shape or
fashion ;-)

I seem to recall experimenting at one time with Windows, and
seeing exactly the behavior I got from Unix. And if I
understand the documentation of CreateProcess correctly, if I
call it with something like:

    CreateProcess( "C:\\Hidden\\even more hidden\\myProg.exe",
                   "C:\\Documents and Settings\\James Kanze\\...",
                   // all the rest of the verbage...
                  ) ;

GetCommandLine is going to return the second string, which
doesn't begin to give the slightest hint about where the actual
executable is situated. (On the other hand, given the number of
functions in the Windows interface, it wouldn't surprise me if
there wasn't one to return the first argument to CreateProcess
as well. And from the documentation, that might be enough.)

In sum, it's exactly like the situation in Unix: if the invoking
program collaborates (and the various command interpreters
generally do), then it works, but everything depends on the
invoking program.

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