Re: Manifest and SxS stuff

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Sat, 27 Dec 2008 12:16:09 +0200
"Tommy" wrote:

I still have not gotten over the fact that VS2005 was tied to
some centralize help system so they knew every time you started
the IDE or you all started a new project. I thought the ONLINE
help was terrible, and its truly Online

now in every sense of the word.

I have never heard of that. Are you talking about the VS Start
page or something else? The Start page can be disabled in the IDE
settings. You can disable online help, as well.

Worst, trying to turn this off required you to do play
shenanigans with deleting DLLs. The IDE options to turn it off
was not absolute.

You can firewall the VS IDE process altogether, so no internet
traffic will be allowed for it.
Also, I always download latest MSDN library release and install it
locally. So, in 98% of cases I don't need to go to online MSDN
(which is in terribly unusable state right now, unfortunately).

1) I didn't like to speed slow down. I did ask if VS2008
improved it and got stone silence on that.

Yes, there is an improvement. Although it is quite subjective when
you talk about GUI speed. For instance, I still cannot compete
with my machine when I type text or move windows. It consumes the
input much faster than I could ever produce.

Two major pet peeves regarding new VS IDE since VS 7.0/7.1 are
debugger slow down and intellisense resource hog. VS2008 debugging
is still relatively slow. I don't think any modern IDE can achieve
VC60 debugging speed. However, new multicore CPU's definitely
help. With every hardware upgrade VS IDE becomes a bit faster.
Also, I succeeded to get rid of nasty habit to press F10 for
several seconds during debug session until a couple of hundreds of
lines are passed over. Now I place the caret where I want to stop
and press Ctrl+F10.

Intellisense has been improveed, too. Now it takes less time from
opening a big project to fully working IDE with intellisense up tp
date. Also, opening for the first time the combo that contains the
function list in text editor window doesn't take 30 seconds
anymore. There are many minor improvements as well.

The big advantage of VS2008 is TR1 extension to the C++ standard
library. Also, there is major extension to the MFC library,
however the projects I'm working on don't use MFC, so it is less
important for me right now.


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