Re: error C3646: 'exception' : unknown override specifier

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Tue, 6 Jan 2009 17:14:24 +0200
"Morris Neuman" wrote:

 [...] how do I just migrate the vs6.0 c++ project to a vs2008
native c++ vs the managed code the compiler automatically
upgraded the project to?

I don't have VC++6.0 at hand to check it, but I douth that VS2008
automatically converts old VC++6.0 projects to managed C++/CLI
project. There should be a check box or something during upgrade
wizard that enables managed C++/CLI features.

Is keeping the project in native c++ the easiest way to move my
project to vs2008 from vs6.0?
Or is the managed code the way to go?

You should upgrade your project as managed if you have an
intention to interract with .NET assemblies etc from the C++ code.
Otherwise there is no any reason to make it managed. The upgrade
itself is pretty straightforward: follow the upgrade wizard, then
fix compilation errors.

However, the success of the whole process greately depends on the
health of original VC++6.0 project. I have seen very messy
projects that were unable to upgrade, VS upgrade wizard just
chocked in the process. In that case the common approach is to
create new empty project in VS2008 and add all old files and
settings one by one manually.


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