Re: execution speed c++ versus c#

"Balog Pal" <>
Mon, 11 Jan 2010 20:02:01 +0100
"Bas" <>

My experience is that dynamic memory allocation in general is (a lot)
faster in C# then with C++.
Computations in C++ are a lot faster.

The first 'problem' you can overcome by writing your own new/delete

Or rather stick to C/C++ style instead of imitating Java. In native C++ code
you don't have so many allocations as the mass of objects sit in stack

but then you must be sure of what you are doing.
In general its more the way you use C++. One can make a program run faster
in C++ than in C# I think, but I think you have to be
more than a moderate C++ programmer.

Yeah, if there is a measured bottleneck in the program, C++ is more likely
to support alternatives to work it around. But it needs qualified personnel

In general I didn;t see measuring performance so often, many programs run
just compiled with unoptimized settings or with excess logging/debug info
too. Without anyone care. Ability to ship on time is probably a much
greater factor. (exceptions obvoiusly apply)

It's not the language but merely the runtime environment that makes the
program fast. Microsoft has given the runtime environment (.net)
a lot of attention.

Also many programs on windows spend most of the time calling the USER API or
COM controls -- that is not differently done from other programs. "real"
processing time being negligible.

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