Re: Getting an error with lambda and async - help interpret, please

Victor Bazarov <v.bazarov@comcast.invalid>
Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:24:50 -0400
On 4/22/2013 9:52 AM, Andy Champ wrote:

On 22/04/2013 10:10, Juha Nieminen wrote:

gwowen <> wrote:

On Apr 19, 9:51?am, Juha Nieminen <nos...@thanks.invalid> wrote:

Andy Champ <no....@nospam.invalid> wrote:

I wish I could agree with you. ?Not merely are template error messages
often obscure, but I have had instances where no line of my code is
mentioned anywhere in the error.

I just love how people always bring up extremely rare fringe cases as
counter-arguments to "in the majority of cases, X."

"Not merely are template error messages **often** obscure" (my

Which part of "ignore the template error messages and look at the first
error message that refers to your code" did you not understand?

Which part of "I have had instances where no line of my code is
mentioned anywhere in the error" did _you_ not understand?

I stand by my previous response: "No, read it. It may make sense. It
will usually point you to the right line in your code.

Just not always."

I think it's time some proof be presented. The "look at the error
message that refers to *your* code" needs no proof. It's self evident.
  With an exception of the obvious situation when some part of the
library code is incorrectly compiled due to some macro set in your code
or in your compiler settings, what other situation *might* there be that
would produce an error in the library *without* referring to any of
*your* (or *my*, or *his*) code?

I do not respond to top-posted replies, please don't ask

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