Re: VC6 + Dinkumware fixes OK for basic STL usage?

"Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]" <>
Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:06:07 +0000
David Wilkinson wrote:

But what is in these binaries? When I got the VC6 patches, I noted a
warning on the site that there could be a problem with dynamic linking
because MSVCP60.DLL contained the unpatched versions. Since I use static
linking, I didn't worry about it, assuming that there were not
corresponding static libraries in the static linking case. Was this wrong?

The problem with the DLL is that it includes instantiations of various
template specializations, such as std::string and wstring. Therefore,
any changes to implementation of member functions in the headers has no
effect on code that links to the DLL. This doesn't affect the static
library, since that doesn't include those instantiations, since they
would only slightly improve compilation times, with no other benefit.

If binaries for static linking of V-express are required, why do you not
provide them? And if I have to build them myself, where is the source to
build them from? In the VC distributions I see source for MFC and CRT,
but not for the C++ library.

The source is there in the crt\src folder, at least in 2003 and later.
Rebuilding that source may require a bit of work I imagine, though make
files are included.


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