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I have a few questions to ask with the use of C++ per se:

 1. For what type of applications is C++ actually used/preferred/

For most applications I write, though I've looked some on C# recently
I do believe that I prefer C++/CLR if those kinds of stuff are needed.

 2. ANSI C++ doesn't have any support for GUI libraries...usually we
use Qt/Windows API etc..Then when/where do we use C++ in it's "pure"
form (no linking to "any" 3rd party lib)

For things that you want to keep portable among other things, I'm
currently working on an application where the backend is pure C++
(except for one file for exporing functions when compiled as a DLL).
That way I will be quite easy to port the important parts to a unix-
like system if needed in the future.

 3. Consider a 3 tier application (MVC architecture):

Business Logic
Data Access Layer

Most architectures today follow this (very generic) pattern...usually.
Where and how does C++ fit in? Could you please give me example

Except from the fact that many of those applications are written in C+
+ there's not so much a question about fitting or not. Most languages
can be used for any of the layers and it's mostly a question about
choosing the right language for the job, and C++ often is.

Erik Wikstr=F6m

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