Re: printf from DLL

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Fri, 25 May 2007 13:45:56 -0400
<f377cl$jta$> wrote:

I'm using VC++ Express 2005 on a WinXP box. I wrote a little console
program to test out some code I wanted to try. Everything worked
great, but I've tried to turn the console program into a DLL now.
However, when I call this DLL, none of the printf's I've written in my
code execute. I can put breakpoints on the printf's and step though
them... everything seems to work, but the little black window that
used to appear when this was a console program doesn't pop up now to
tell me what's going on.

Can I use printf's from within a DLL?

Your problem unfortunately cannot be explained in terms of standard
C++ language. You need to ask in the newsgroup where "DLL" is on
topic. I recommend the newsgroup for your OS.

You changed the executable type from "Console" to "Windows EXE" and
the Windows exe does not have the console windows you're so used to.

If you need another method for debug printouts, you can always open
some file for append (like a log file), fprintf, and then close it.

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