Re: Mixing ATL/MFC in VS2005 (reposting as crosspost)

"Drew" <dam@dam.dam>
Tue, 12 Jun 2007 14:07:54 -0500
"Brian Muth" <> wrote in message

Yeah. Turns out you can add ATL support to an MFC project but not the
other way around.

Not true. Both scenarios are supported.

Now I'm struggling with registration. The reason I asked the original
question is I'm
trying to update my project to not use the deprecated DECLARE_REGISTRY
and instead
use RGS files and needed a sample.

Here's the question now. Do I need to have an RGS file for every
even the noncreatable ones?

I've heard of non-creatable objects, but not non-creatable interfaces.
Non-creatable objects do not need to be registered.

OK, here's what I've done based on what I saw in my sample app (sorry for

I've created 2 RGS files, one for the project in general and one for my only
creatable object.
I've put these in my resource only DLL which I load at the beginning of

1st one:

 NoRemove AppID
  '%APPID%' = s 'MyApp'
   val AppID = s '%APPID%'

2nd one:

 MyApp.Application.2 = s 'Application Class'
  CLSID = s '{684A3F62-0408-11d4-A05F-0050DA1AC1A8}' // coclass uuid
 MyApp.Application = s 'Application Class'
  CLSID = s '{684A3F62-0408-11d4-A05F-0050DA1AC1A8}' // coclass uuid
  CurVer = s 'MyApp.Application.2'
 NoRemove CLSID
  ForceRemove {684A3F62-0408-11d4-A05F-0050DA1AC1A8} = s 'ATLApp Class' //
coclass uuid
   ProgID = s 'MyApp.Application.2'
   VersionIndependentProgID = s 'MyApp.Application'
   ForceRemove 'Programmable'
   LocalServer32 = s '%MODULE%'
   val AppID = s '%APPID%'
   'TypeLib' = s '{684A3F60-0408-11d4-A05F-0050DA1AC1A8}' // type library

Then in my CWinApp derived class at global scope:

class CATLHostModule : public CAtlMfcModule
public :

 // It seems the GUID here is arbitrary

CATLHostModule _Module;

// type library uuid
  { 0x684A3F60, 0x0408, 0x11d4, { 0xA0, 0x5F, 0x00, 0x50, 0xDA, 0x1A, 0xC1,
0xA8 } };
const WORD _wVerMajor = 2;
const WORD _wVerMinor = 0;

Then in InitInstance:

 // Following was copy/pasted out of sample app

 // App was launched with /Embedding or /Automation switch.
 // Run app as automation server.
 if (cmdInfo.m_bRunEmbedded || cmdInfo.m_bRunAutomated)
  // Don't show the main window
  return TRUE;
 // App was launched with /Unregserver or /Unregister switch. Unregister
 // typelibrary. Other unregistration occurs in ProcessShellCommand().
 else if (cmdInfo.m_nShellCommand == CCommandLineInfo::AppUnregister)
  m_server.UpdateRegistry(OAT_DISPATCH_OBJECT, NULL, NULL, FALSE);
  AfxOleUnregisterTypeLib(_tlid, _wVerMajor, _wVerMinor);
 // App was launched standalone or with other switches (e.g. /Register
 // or /Regserver). Update registry entries, including typelibrary.
  /************ RELEVANT CODE (I think) ***********/
  COleObjectFactory::UpdateRegistryAll(); // returns 0

  _Module.UpdateRegistryAppId(TRUE); // returns 0x80070716 The specified
resource name cannot be found in the image file.

  _Module.RegisterServer(TRUE); // same as above

  AfxOleRegisterTypeLib(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), _tlid); // returns 0

I can understand the HRESULTs if it is using the arbitrary GUID
from the DECLARE_REGISTRY_APPID_RESOURCEID macro, but this is
how it was done in the generated sample app. I'm stuck.



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