Re: DLL2 should implement interface defined in DLL1 - how?

"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:32:58 -0700
Being able to compile it doesn't mean it works. Read Igor's
original reply as to why it won't work in certain cases and how
to address that properly. If you search this group's archives
you'll find other posts on the theme of why you shouldn't
implement multiple dual interfaces on a COM object.

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

"Axel Bock" <> wrote in message

On 10 Jul., 14:06, "Igor Tandetnik" <> wrote:

"Axel Bock" <> wrote in message

I have two DLL's with COM components. DLL one defines an interface
IMyInterface. I know want to have a 2nd DLL to have a class which
implements that interface, too.

See #import

       // ADDED BY ME
       #include "IMyInterfaceProject.idl"

You are trying to get C++ compiler to compile IDL. Of course IDL syntax
is not valid C++, I expect you get tons of errors.

nah, I mistyped - this is in fact a .h file. :-) that happens when you
manually reduce your examples.

Either use #import, or include the .h file that MIDL compiler generated


The error message suggests that both interfaces you are trying to
implement are dual - that is, both derive from IDispatch. So now you
have two distinct implementations of IDispatch in your coclass. Think
about it - when a client queries for IDispatch, which one should it
get? Which methods should it be able to access via late binding?

I got that far - I know C++ all right. But I could not get my head
around that ATL magic which causes the error.

You should avoid implementing two dual interfaces on the same object. If
you have to, it's a sign of a design, shall we say, not very well
thought through. If, for some reason, you really really need to
implement two dual interfaces, you would have to provide a custom
IDispatch implementation that enables late binding access to both sets
of methods.

Actually I think I got it. I found something in the internet, which
hinted me to an "Implement interface" wizard of Visual Studio, which
solved the problem just fine. Whyever. Like I said - I know it works,
but I don't know how. I know the concepts of COM and how it works, but
in _practical_ detail ... well :-) .

Thanks for your reply, I will post if what I have found is not

Greetings & thanks again,

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