Re: How to Modify Console output AFTER it has gone to cout

 James Kanze <>
Wed, 08 Aug 2007 07:56:48 -0000
On Aug 7, 6:50 pm, wrote:

Err, yes, I meant STL libraries, not ANSI libraries. The DLL outputs
through low-level functions and not throuh std::cout or std::cerr,
which is why setting up a filter isn't a trivial task. I was just
wondering if the STL libraries could do anything, as I tend to avoid
platform-dependent code where possible. I gather from the replies that
it's not as simple as I'd hoped.

In that case, there may be nothing you can do. There's
certainly nothing portable. About the only thing I can suggest
is closing the file descripters (handles under Windows?) for
standard out and standard error, and trying to reopen them to
something else. (This would be the usual solution under Unix,
but it might also work under Windows.)

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