Re: Return char* From DLL

Joe Greer <>
Wed, 6 Feb 2008 16:14:03 +0100 (CET)
"" <> wrote in

Hi All,

 I am facing a problem can anyone help.

I have a function in DLL
void getString(char *string)
   strcpy(string, "My String);
  printf("In Dll %s", string);

I am calling this function in my win32 consol app

char mystr[50];
strcpy(mystr, "Test");
printf("in main %s", mystr);

The result I am getting is:
In Dll My String
In Main Test

Why DLL is unable to retutn value? If I use this function in main it
is working fine. DLL not working.
Can anyone please explain?

I can say that I have done things like that without trouble. Off hand,
I would say to check your compiler options to make sure that your dll is
compiled the same way your console app is. Otherwise, I am left with
the thought that the posted code doesn't match exactly what is in your
actual code. I really think that there is some compiler option that is
different and causing the issue.


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