Re: Stack is not unwinded when called from C#

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 20:47:59 -0700
Abdo Haji-Ali wrote:

On Aug 28, 5:09 pm, "Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]"
<> wrote:

Abdo Haji-Ali wrote:

What compiler options are you using when you compile the C++ code?

The defaults. Mmm, let's see: /EHsc /MD /W3 /c /Wp64 /Zi /TP

Try changing to /EHa instead of /EHsc. Anything called by the CLR
should be compiled with /EHa.

Yep! That did it.
Though I think that what Giovanni said is true, and I shouldn't pass
exceptions across DLLs. What do you think?

Yes, Giovanni is absolutely right: In most circumstances, you shouldn't
allow exceptions to cross DLL boundaries - and especially not across
native/managed boundaries. You can make it work (by using /EHa, etc), but
the solutions tend to be fragile, and tend to cause tight coupling between
the DLL and it's clients.

If you absolutely need an exception to cross the native/managed boundary,
the best way to handle it is to write a C++/CLI layer that catches the
native exception and re-throws it as a managed exception of an appropriate
type (or vice-versa, depending on who is calling whom).


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