Re: Error converting a pipe (Handler) to fd on vs 2003

"Ben Voigt [C++ MVP]" <bvoigt@newsgroup.nospam>
Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:50:50 -0400
"Alex Blekhman" <> wrote in message

"puzzlecracker" wrote:

when I can this g_io_channel_win32_new_fd, I see this warning, and thus
pipe isn't created at all :(

GLib-WARNING **: giowin32.c:1564: 3 isn't a C library file descriptor

According to the link you posted GTK links statically with CRT libraries.
Obviously, you cannot just pass a handle from

Doesn't seem so:
This function works for file descriptors as returned by the open(), creat(),
pipe() and fileno() calls in the Microsoft C runtime. In order to
meaningfully use this function your code should use the same C runtime as
GLib uses, which is msvcrt.dll. Note that in current Microsoft compilers it
is near impossible to convince it to build code that would use msvcrt.dll.
The last Microsoft compiler version that supported using msvcrt.dll as the C
runtime was version 6. The GNU compiler and toolchain for Windows, also
known as Mingw, fully supports msvcrt.dll.

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