Re: Filtering 'Access Violation' error inside a try-catch block

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Tue, 13 Oct 2009 06:37:23 -0700
If you got an access violation in the DLL, it could mean the DLL code
corrupted random memory, etc. The state of your process is now corrupted,
and it may crash in the future. Use of a proxy DLL host guarantees that your
process' state is never corrupted by third pary code.

"Sanje?v" <> wrote in message
On Oct 13, 4:07 pm, "Alexander Grigoriev" <> wrote:

Make a separate DLL hosting process, and design a communication scheme
between it and your main app. If the dll host crashes, your main process
still alive.

I could do that but why bother all the tedious IPCs? With two
processes, I will have to copy bitmap objects (and similarly other
objects required by my application) back and fro, make sure of mutual
exclusion of shared data, ahh all that already gives me an headache.

Isn't my technique a better choice? Does it have any side-effects?

Still waiting for answer to my question.

Thanks all for replying,

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