Re: Next "available" File/Folder Name,...

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Wed, 27 Jan 2010 18:56:24 -0800
isn't that shlwapi.dll?

"Kerem G?mr?kc?" <> wrote in message

Hi Stefan,

Even if there is such a thing, what value would it give to you? Once you
had that "next available file/folder name" and just before you can create
it, your program can be preempted and someone else can calculate this
file/folder and create it, so what value will your prior call to this
imaginary function have?. Having a function that does this as an API is
subject to race conditions, so it is per se useless, unless tightly
coupled with a file/foldeer creation call. The only sure thing is a
function that tries to *create* the next possible file/folder.

Yes, you are right on that. But it is quite sure that there will be no
race condition/deadlock, because the access to the folder is only
restricted to
a special process that only runs single instance, system and sessionwide
in a special account and the folder (where the subfolders/files) will be
created) has special NTFS restrictions only for the process user context.

You mentioned PathMakeUniqueName, I never used that, does it only
"suggest" the file name or does it create the file as well?

AFAIK (i didnt check it and will use it!) it only suggest the file name,
many shell and helper functions do with strings and URLs/Paths.

doesn't create the file name, you will have to use that in a loop until a
combination of the result of both PathMakeUniqueName and CreateFile

I implemented my own version that does a for-loop on the names until it
a "available" name, then it does its job.

BTW: MSDN online says that PathMakeUniqueName is suppported on W2K as

I am always very cautious on functions i never used or know, so i always
first whether there is a (implemented) export of the function on the named
and this time i was right on checking it, because my up2date W2k system
NOT have such a export in the library! Yes, MSDN says that, but in fact it
seems to
be wrong since i do have a shell32.dll (5.00.3900.7155) on my W2k and it
NOT export that function at least it has no named export! But MSDN says:

Minimum DLL Version shell32.dll version 5.0 or later
Custom Implementation No
Header shlobj.h
Import library shell32.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 2000

Thats simply wrong!

And what export name is that "PathYetAnotherMakeUniqueName", available
since >=XP *g*



Beste Gr?sse / Best regards / Votre bien devoue
Kerem G?mr?kc?
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