Re: Why I cannot call public non-virtual member function of DLL?

James Kanze <>
Mon, 6 Sep 2010 04:46:13 -0700 (PDT)
On Sep 3, 9:03 pm, Andy Champ <no....@nospam.invalid> wrote:

On 03/09/2010 17:53, Lars Tetzlaff wrote:

Am 02.09.2010 19:59, schrieb BGB / cr88192:

granted, yes, as you have done, it is generally needed to
have the "new" operator called from within the same DLL
that created the class. similar also goes for things like
"delete", attempting to use RTTI, ... as otherwise things
can turn out badly...

Can you explain this? What should happen if you call new
from outside the dll?

In some circumstances (I forget what!) each DLL has its own

Only if you want it too. If the DLL's all have separate heaps,
and that's not what you wanted, then you've given the wrong
commands to the linker.

If you call new you get memory from the heap for that DLL.
It's then a good idea to call delete from the same dll, and
put it back into the same heap. Or Bad Things Happen.

You'd be better with a Windows-specific newsgroup.

In theory, at least, the same problems can happen under Unix.
(In practice, it won't happen for new, because new will only
call malloc, which is in libc under Unix, and most Unix systems
don't have a libc.a, only a

James Kanze

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