Re: CAN any one tell it whats the code tell it

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:12:15 -0400
yogesh wrote:

i have a code as follows

 TServerDB() { fDB = Server()->dbStorage->Create(); }

can any one tell the relationship between two

Between? You mean what the difference is? Are you saying you
cannot see the difference? One calls 'Server()' function (or
constructs a temporary 'Server' object, depending on how the
"Server" symbol is defined), the other uses [what seems to be]
a pointer named 'TServer' (or an object of a class that has
an overloaded operator ->). Also, one uses 'dbStorage' member
and the other uses TMySQLBD member. The right parts of the
assignment expression are slightly different, but the real
difference between them cannot be explained here without seeing
more code (especially how those 'Server', 'dbStorage', 'TServer'
and 'TMySQLBD' things are defined.

and whats the <between > braces called

class TSSIStorage: public TResourceStorage<m_ssi::TSSIControl>

<m_ssi::TSSIControl> ---> this reference

It's called "the template argument".

What C++ book are you reading that doesn't explain all those
relatively simple concepts?

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