Re: DB connection pool. How to pass handle?

"Jim Langston" <>
Tue, 20 Mar 2007 02:04:32 -0700
<> wrote in message

I'm new to C++ and I need to create DB connection pool.

Here is the class that I have:

class uudb

 sptk::CODBCDatabase handle;
 void connect(std::string login, std::string password, int server,
std::string sessionid);
 void disconnect();

uudb::uudb() : handle("DSN=PostgreSQL;UID=serge;PWD=;DATABASE=uu")
 cout<<"\nOpening DB ...\n";;

 cout<<"\nClosing DB ...\n";

void uudb::connect(string login, string password, int server, string

 try {
   CQuery loginQuery(&handle,"select
   loginQuery.param("login") = login;
   loginQuery.param("password") = password;
   loginQuery.param("server") = server; //
 catch (exception& e) {
   cout<<"\nError: " <<e.what();


void uudb::disconnect()

 try {
   CQuery logoutQuery(&handle,"select logout()");
 catch (exception& e) {
   cout<<"\nError: " <<e.what();


I need to pass this handle to other classes, so they can use it to
communicate with DB, but I have no idea how to do it.

Your help is appreciated.

The best way is probably with a reference.

sptk::CODBCDatabase& GetHandle( ) { return handle };

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