RE: Create SDF from DBML ???

From: (Lingzhi Sun [MSFT])
Tue, 15 Sep 2009 09:21:24 GMT
Hi Jakob,

I think the reason why we cannot create the SDF file with the current .dbml
file is because of the non-support of data table schema in SQLCE.
By default, the data table in SQL Server is under schema dbo. We can see
an attribute on each data table data class like:

Please try to remove the schema name in the dbml designer file and run some
code snippet as the following to create such a SDF file:
string cs = @"Data Source='c:\data.sdf'";
using (SqlCeConnection conn = new SqlCeConnection(cs))
    MyDataContext db = new MyDataContext (conn);

If the SDF is created successfully, we can use the modified .dbml file to
connect the SDF file, please remember to pass a SqlCeConnection to the

For how to synchronize the data from the client SQLCE to the remote SQL
Server, Remote Data Access (RDA) and Merge Replication features of SQLCE
can be really helpful. For detail, please see

Hope you have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Lingzhi Sun
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