Re: Accessing Database from c++

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16 Jun 2006 08:21:16 -0700
Wallace wrote:

   Can anyone suggest or provide me sample code for making ODBC
connection and executing simple queries from c++. I am using sql server
2000. Also please tell what are the header files to be included. I
created a DSN and now I need to make connection with that DSN and
execute query from my code.

If you're using MSVC and you are willing to use ADO then it's really
simple. Just use:

#import <c:\program files\common files\system\ado\msado15.dll> rename(
"EOF", "adoEOF" )

Something like this will open a connection:

ADODB::_ConnectionPtr writeCnx;
writeCnx = ADODB::_ConnectionPtr();
writeCnx.CreateInstance( __uuidof( ADODB::Connection ) );
writeCnx->CommandTimeout = 60;
writeCnx->Open( writeDsn().c_str(), L"", L"",
ADODB::adConnectUnspecified );

To execute SQL then use something like this:

ADODB::_RecordsetPtr rs;
rs = writeCnx->Execute( cmd.c_str(), &res, ADODB::adOptionUnspecified

I'll leave it as an excercise to get the data out. Read the ADO COM
spec to work it out. It's actually all pretty easy.


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