Re: Set with Sort routine

Pete Becker <>
Tue, 27 Jun 2006 10:38:35 -0400
Bruce Chastain wrote:

I'm trying to create a set with my sort criteria specified, using MS
Developer Studio 7 and I can't get the syntax correct. Everything I try
creates a compile time error. Here's the basics:

#include <set>

using namespace std;

typedef struct {
 int value;
} MyElem;

bool MyCompare( const MyElem& elem1, const MyElem& elem2 )
 return( elem1.value < elem2.value );

void main()
 set<MyElem, MyCompare> database;

The second template argument to set has to be the name of a type. It
names type of the comparison object that the set is supposed to use.
To use your own comparison object, you have to pass its type to the
template, and construct the set object with a comparison object.

So, start out by defining a type:

typedef bool (*comp)(const MyElem&, const MyElem&);

Then define the corresponding function, My Compare, which you've already
done. Then create a set object that takes your type, and construct it
with your function:

set<MyElem, comp> database(MyCompare);


Pete Becker
Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd.

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