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I would like to know how many of you use Standard C++ Library, Boost,
Loki etc and modern C++ techniques used in those libraries in your
commercial projects.

My company's FOST.3(tm) framework makes heavy use of Boost. We also use
many advanced template techniques to handle database OR/M. We're in the
process of open sourcing it so probably in a month or two you'll be
able to go through the code and look at it.

We've been using Boost since 1998 and there's no way I'd go back to
coding without it. I've never been a fan of frameworks like MFC which
are just a bit of C pretending to be C++.

We've always striven to squirrel as much of the memory management into
the libraries as possible so application development needn't worry
about it. Over time we're getting better at it and I find that using
these techniques writing in C++ comes out as productive (if not more
so) than scripting languages and other so-called high level languages
without losing flexibility where I need to do something odd.

The FOST.3 home page is

(Shameless plugs follow - hope they're of interest - probably of more
interest to relative newcomers to the language than experts though)

An introduction to the sort of techniques used for that attribute
handling can be read at:

I've also got a write-up of an iterator that can score bowling matches


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