Re: wostream &operator <<(wostream &, string const &)?

"peter koch" <>
Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:06:35 CST
<> wrote:

"Kristof Zelechovski" wrote:

Uzytkownik "AllanW" <> napisal w wiadomosci

"KHitof ?elechovski" wrote:

I am trying to go Unicode with my code base. I noticed that in most
cases I
can safely replace cout with wcout since all standard types behave
correctly. However, all but one. The offender is std::string. I cannot
send it to std::wcout. WHY? If std::string is a replacement for char
[] and I can send char const [] to std::wcout, why cannot I do the same
a std::string?

Have you tried the same with a std::wstring?

Yes, I have. But what does it buy me? Nothing. Because std::wcout and
std::string is what I have.

Well, as long as you have std::string rather than std::wstring, you
haven't converted completely to wide characters. And as long as you
have a mixture of narrow and wide character types, you're going to have
to deal periodically with converting between them.

This is not necesarily so. You can imagine applications that use a mix
of char and wchar_t strings (the application I currently work on has
this). Some parts of the system has to access external data that is
keyed on 8-bit characters (e.g. resource files, databases and so on).
Even if the application per se is unicode, this will not be the case
for the external data - ever.
So how can I present the data if I can't strem it to a wide output
stream? I believe it is a reasonable expectation that the conversion is
handled automatically.


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