Re: Sharing an ADO connection object between two processes ?

"Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\)" <egbert_nierop@nospam.invalid>
Mon, 2 Oct 2006 20:10:33 +0200
"Herby" <> wrote in message

We have a client and server application that run on the same machine.
We want both to participate in the same transaction.

To acheive this I understand they need to share the same connection

The server currently supports a COM interface, as the client passes
across copies of simple data types Strings and integers etc.

But now they want to pass across the client ADO connection object. The
data-writes within the server should then use this connection object
for creating its recordsets etc.

On return to the client - the client may then decide to commit or
rollback via the same connection object.

I understand the server would have a proxy back to the actual
connection object residing in the client address space. Is this going
to work?

No offense intended but this is impossible. A connection, is in fact a
TCP/IP connection (for instance) to a SQL database server.

As you might guess, a single process can host one or more TCP/IP
connections, but one connection belongs _exactly_ to one

As soon as you 'share' the connection, you are fooling yourself to think
that you have just one connection. You will have two connection in addition,
there -will- be a lot of marshalling at the runtime of COM.
It's much more performance and security wise, to -not- share connection
objects. Just rely on the perfect resource pooling features of Windows.

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