Re: C++ Threads, what's the status quo?

"Peter Dimov" <>
11 Jan 2007 18:57:16 -0500
Thant Tessman wrote:

Nicola Musatti wrote:

Thant Tessman wrote:

This post (specifically the word "brittle") prompted me to finally look
up "lock-free" threading. When I said threading was basically a solved
problem, I was definitely *not* referring to this. I was referring to
language-level threading based on continuations (and signals if you got
'em). This kind of threading isn't brittle at all. It's also completely
impossible in a language like C++.

Do you have any reading reccomendations?

I've been googling around for something like "building threaders with
continuations for C++ programmers" but I can't find anything
appropriate. The closest is "Continuations for Curmudgeons," but it
doesn't really explain the way continuations can be use to do what is
more traditionally thought of as threading.

Solved problem, you say. Hmm. How are you going to apply continuations
to the following two typical C++ scenarios:

1. A real-time in-memory (key, value) database (stock quotes, for
instance) with several reader and writer threads running in parallel,
or, if you prefer, with several threads serving read and write

2. Parallelizing a for loop to take advantage of multiple cores, a-la
#pragma omp parallel for?

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