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ben wrote:

i am starting a small business offering computer help to the local
i would like to write my own system where i can store customer
information, and link this to orders, then print invoices

  Why, when there are tons of existing software which does that,
some of them free of charge?

thanks for the replies
i have a little database experience with my sql and php. i created the the hosting ads, need to move to
another host)
so i guess the database side of things would be similar to that, but
as well as showing records i need to be able to add, edit and delete?
and i would need to create an interface. would i be better off doing
this as a webpage?

Maybe, depends on how good you are at making webpages. However if you
still want to make a program I would recommend that you start looking
at the different frameworks available to making GUIs, and chose one
that adds database support as well, since that will probably make some
things easier.

If you are targeting Windows you might be interested in using C# (or
managed C++) and the .Net framework, I think that might be a bit
easier than using some pure C++ framework.

Erik Wikstr=F6m

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