Re: string letter distribution algorithm

"Jim Langston" <>
Wed, 20 Jun 2007 23:58:04 -0700
"Ulterior" <> wrote in message

Hi, guys,

thanks for your kind answers, but, if you are eager to help me
I will try to clarify my problem.

The point is to evaluate a string to some single value, store it in
database field
and the, using simple sql compare, retrieve only those records with
fields, which have 't'
letter in it.

There must be no functions, as there is 6mil records and a fetch must
be quick.

"single value" "simple sql compare" Well, that's a bit tricky. If SQL does
bit checking then you can just retrieve the bit value of 't' using some
function, and run some SQL like this (if thsi was legal SQl)

select * from MyTable where WordLetters | LetterValue

If SQL doesn't do bitwise checking, you'll probalby need to come up with
some other way.

This now sounds more like a SQL problem then a C++ problem, perhaps a SQL
newsgroup would be more help.

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