Re: Template-based database library?

Fri, 21 Sep 2007 08:49:28 CST
On 19 Sep, 12:59, mliptak <> wrote:

On Sep 18, 8:02 pm, Gerhard Menzl <>
wrote:> Database-related libraries are conspicuously absent from Boost.


anyone know of a template-based, open source, relational database
library that supports the representation of arbitrary relations with
compile-time type safety? Or has such an achievement been found to be

Also have a look at OTL,

I have used OTL and found it to be very good. Be aware that although
OTL stands for Oracle Template Library it now works with a number of
databases. It also goes native where it can so in Oracle for example
it uses OCI and in sybase it uses dblib. I last used it with Postgres
where it uses ODBC.

I am not sure it will give you the type safety you are after but I am
not sure what will. Can you explain more what you are after please?


Andrew Marlow

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