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Sun, 30 Sep 2007 18:09:11 GMT
On 2007-09-30 19:16, call_me_anything wrote:

On Sep 30, 8:37 pm, Erik Wikstr??m <> wrote:

On 2007-09-30 16:41, call_me_anything wrote:

choice between c and c++ is pretty obvious if the program is even
moderately big.

how does java score in comparison to c++ in terms of efficiency ?
i guess java definitely has more libraries, more verbosity (for
clarity to programmers) etc etc.
The only concern is efficiency. How does java compare with C/C++ on
that ?

What efficiency? Memory, CPU, development time? For what application
domain? How good is the developer's knowledge of the languages? A good
developer with a language they know will will always produce better (for
almost any definition of better) than a bad developer in a language he/
she does not know. Other factors that needs to be considered are what
platform the code will run on and what other applications/devices it
needs to interact with.

Java and C++ are both good and efficient languages, just not always for
the same kinds of problems. My advice is to go with the language that
you know best, unless for some reason that is not possible.

Please do not quote signatures.

A strange reply to my question...
I am surprised that the meaning of efficiency wasn't clear.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about a
program's efficiency ?

It depends on your background of course. For someone writing embedded
systems that do not perform any time-critical tasks memory efficiency
can often be much more interesting than speed. If you are in database or
some other storage-related industry then storage efficiency is more
interesting. Currently I am more interested in developer efficiency
since for the stuff I work with I have more than enough of both memory
and CPU power.

A good developer... is amazing !
Nearly as bad as walking on road is equally dangerous as flying in a
plane because vehicles ply on road.

Sorry, you lost me there.

Answers like the others ones above were much better I guess.
This one was just consideration of too many factors many of which do
not apply.

And you would have said the same thing if you had asked the same
question in a Java group and gotten the answers that Java was much
better than C++ because someone had written a slow C++ app once and some
other guy did not like the C++ syntax. (I meant no offence to Philip or
Mr. Tavares, I just want to point out that the OP did not have enough
information to make even an educated guess.)

Erik Wikstr??m

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