Re: Memory Leaks - Can you help me find them in ths snippet

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 10:10:06 -0800
<lUonj.54$qV5.13@newsfe07.lga> wrote:

Thanks, I was wondering if that was a problem. I went ahead and made
the change, but still have memory leaks. Anyone have any ideas for
me? I know it hits the "free(columns)" at the end of the code

count the malloc/news you make and the free/deletes.

char **columns;
columns = (CHAR **)malloc (lColumnCount * sizeof (CHAR *));

Here's 1 malloc

if (NULL == columns) return FALSE; //memory allocation failed

//allocate space for the column names in the char**
int column_index;
for (column_index = 0; column_index < lColumnCount; column_index++)
 // Allocate for the maximum owner.table.column notation
 columns[column_index] = (char *)malloc(SE_QUALIFIED_COLUMN_LEN);

Here's another malloc that's going to happen lColumnCount times.

 if (NULL == columns[column_index])
     free(columns); //memory allocation failed

This one is only on case of error, lets ignore this for now

     return FALSE;

//put the data in the char**
for (column_index = 0; column_index < lColumnCount; column_index++)
  strcpy (columns[column_index], CStringColumnName[column_index]);

//do some stuff with columns


And here is one free. What about the lColumnCount frees you need to do?
You need a free/delete for every malloc/new you do. Before you do this
free(columns) you need to:

for (column_index = 0; column_index < lColumnCount; column_index++)
   free( columns[column_index] );

Jim Langston

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