Re: Memory Leaks - Can you help me find them in ths snippet

"Daniel T." <>
Tue, 29 Jan 2008 07:24:02 -0500
"" <> wrote:

Thanks everyone, that solved the problem. Here is the corrected code:

The code is better, but still not correct. I say again, save yourself
the headache and use vectors and/or strings. Both vectors and strings
can be used with C libraries and you don't have to worry about memory
leaks when you use them.

   vector< string > columns;
   copy( CStringColumnName, CStringColumnName + lColumnCount,
         back_inserter( columns ) );

   //do some stuff with columns

char **columns;
columns = (CHAR **)malloc (lColumnCount * sizeof (CHAR *));

if (NULL == columns) return FALSE; //memory allocation failed

//allocate space for the column names in the char**
int column_index;
for (column_index = 0; column_index < lColumnCount; column_index++)
  // Allocate for the maximum owner.table.column notation
  columns[column_index] = (char *)malloc(SE_QUALIFIED_COLUMN_LEN);

  if (NULL == columns[column_index])
      free(columns); //memory allocation failed
      return FALSE;

//put the data in the char**
for (column_index = 0; column_index < lColumnCount; column_index++)
   strcpy (columns[column_index], CStringColumnName[column_index]);

//do some stuff with columns

for( int i = 0; i < lColumnCount; ++i )

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