Re: Class name

Barry <>
Fri, 4 Apr 2008 19:00:32 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 5, 9:51 am, wrote:

Why the following header file - database.h must put

class Database;
class Table;

at the beginning?

Is that if I define multiple Class in a single .h file, then I need to
put all Class name at the beginning?

class Database;
class Table;

class Database
        CnnPtr m_Cnn;
        char m_ErrStr[500];
        bool Open(char* UserName, char* Pwd,char* CnnStr);
        bool Execute(char* CmdStr, Table& Tbl);

It's because you use "Table" as reference here, then you need
"forward declaration" to let complier know this is a class name.

Maybe you can have a look at

        void GetErrorErrStr(char* ErrStr);


class Table{
        RecPtr m_Rec;
        char m_ErrStr[500];
        void GetErrorErrStr(char* ErrStr);
        int ISEOF();
        HRESULT MoveNext();
        HRESULT MovePrevious();
        HRESULT MoveFirst();
        HRESULT MoveLast();

        bool Get(char* FieldName, char* FieldValue);
        bool Get(char* FieldName,SYSTEMTIME& FieldValue);
        bool Get(char* FieldName,float& FieldValue);
        bool Get(char* FieldName,double& FieldValue);
        bool Get(char* FieldName,double& FieldValue,int Scale);
        bool Get(char* FieldName,long& FieldValue);

    BOOL VariantTimeToSystemTimeWithMilliseconds (/*input*/ double
dVariantTime, /*output*/SYSTEMTIME *st);


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