Re: Segfault on new?

Victor Bazarov <>
Fri, 03 Oct 2008 10:14:13 -0400
Scoots wrote:

This occured while I had both VC++6.0 and VS2008 pro installed on my
machine. I think that I got some mismatch between compiler and
linker. I had some other problems begin occuring after that, such as
the inability to use a program database (it would always report it as
not matching and failing the link).

I have since gotten the go-ahead to start using VS2008 exclusively,
and this problem disappeared.

Thanks, I was pretty sure I was doing it right, but I wasn't sure if
something was failing in the project settings.

A related note (I hope). When some of my colleagues here switched to
2008 after using 2005 for some time, they had problems linking and even
compiling. The cause was somewhat subtle. When a new Visual Studio
installs, it tries to copy the settings from the previous installation
if it finds one, which can bring even the "executable files" path
settings and place those paths *before* the paths for the installed
binaries. It can easily screw up compilation since the compiler driver
is named the same in both products ("cl.exe") and probably other tools.
  A way to figure out whether the correct tools are being used when you
compile/link is to force them to display their version information in
the output window by *not* disabling the "banner". Once you find out
that old tools are used, go to "Tools / Options / Projects and Solutions
/ VC++ Directories" and make sure that the correct ones are listed first
in all sections.


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