Re: How do you actually DO anything?

From: (Stefan Ram)
23 Mar 2009 13:28:27 GMT
<> writes:

And yet it seems like I cannot do anything with my knowledge.

  For example, you can write a program calculating the return
  of an investment after 10 years assuming a certain interest

  The ?problem? is that today we have spreadsheet software that
  is easier to use for this purpose. But some decades ago, there
  where programming languages, but no spreadsheet software yet.
  Back then it was perceived as a great achievement to be able
  to calculate something like this. You can still calculate it
  using C++ today, but today there already is special-purpose
  software for this.

  To create software with C++ that does something new, something
  that can not be done with a database, spreadsheet or another
  existing application, you usually will have to learn more C++
  and also more about additional libraries, like GUI libraries.

  C++ is not completely useless as most desktop software should
  be written in C or C++. For example, I assume that Windows,
  Word, Excel, Access, and so on are written in C or C++. But to
  write such software, you will have to continue learning C++.

  C++ is a language where one can not do much with a little
  knowledge, it is better either not to learn it at all or to
  invest a lot of time to C++, common libraries and coding. I
  agree to other posters that usually it is not a good choice as
  a first language ?to learn programming?. Java is easier for
  this purpose, and one can do many things with its standard
  edition one can not do with standard C++, like writing GUI
  software, accessing the internet, or accessing the file
  system. And it has a garbage collector that makes memory
  management easier.

  See also:

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