Re: C++ fluency

From: (Stefan Ram)
8 May 2009 15:18:06 GMT
Jeff Schwab <> writes:

without acknowledging that most applications were no longer developed in C

  The TIOBE Programming Community Index for May 2009 shows a larger
  popularity for C than for C++:

  This not only includes applications, but might also included
  system programs. Of course, I would like to acknowledge the
  source of your claim regarding applications as soon as you
  provide it.
      ?Here's the thing: C is everywhere. Recently Tim Bray made
      basically the same point; all the major operating systems,
      all the high-level language runtimes, all the databases,
      and all major productivity applications are written in C.?

      ?=head2 What language is Parrot written in?


      =head2 For the love of God, man, why?!?!?!?

      Because it's the best we've got.?

  Linus Torvalds, 2007:

      ?I've come to the conclusion that any programmer that would
      prefer the project to be in C++ over C is likely a
      programmer that I really *would* prefer to [move on], so
      that he doesn't come and [disturb] any project I'm
      involved with. (...)?

      ?I learned that the largest cross platform compatible
      subset of C++ is C.?

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