Re: cl options

Victor Bazarov <>
Thu, 05 Nov 2009 10:59:23 -0500
andrey the giant wrote:

On Nov 5, 2:51 am, "Alex Blekhman" <> wrote:

"andrey the giant" wrote:

1) Why is /o deprecated? What is its replacement?

There is no /o compiler options in VC++ compiler at least since
VC6 (I cannot check earlier versions). What is the version of the
compiler you refer to?

Really? Then how do you explicitly state the file name of the
resulting executable?

2) Is there an option that skips generation of .obj and creates
.exe directly from [regex]\.c(pp)?[/regex] ?

AFAIK, no. Why is it a problem?

Other compilers, such as gcc and icc, directly create the executable
from the source unless you run it in two stages:
$(CC) -c foo.c -o foo.o
$(CC) foo.o -o bar

When I run VC9, $(CC) foo.c -o bar.exe creates foo.o, when I didn't
ask for it.

So, you're saying that it should blow away all temporary files it
creates in the process, except for the one you explicitly asked? Post a
suggestion the the VC++ bug database. I wouldn't hold my breath.

BTW, if you do it with G++, like

    g++ foo.c -o bar

, does G++ create 'foo.o' as a intermediate result? If yes, does it
dispose of it afterwards? Or do you still see 'foo.o' lying around
after 'bar' is created?

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