Re: Visual C++ 9.0 and static lib in release

"Bo Persson" <>
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:17:13 +0200
arivero wrote:


I am building with Visual C++ 9.0 an static library (not dll) that
uses only STL (basically vectors, maps and strings).

My purpose is to distribute this library as an evaluation. In
short, I have to compile my static lib in release mode because I
don't want to open the library code (not for this evaluation

However, I would like to allow that other C++ developers can create
their own programs in debug mode linking with my library in release.

My problem comes when I do some test and act in the role of the
developers. For that I create a program in debug (it uses debug CRT)
and I link with the static library (that uses release CRT). All
compilation is ok, but when I run the program in debug it fails
with a memory crack caused for the STLs. Problems are for example
when I use:

std::string str = "hello"

I know the problem is in mix debug and release versions with STL,
if I don?t mix both modes all works fine, but I cannot distribute
my static library in debug. So I have a problem when users wat to
build programs in debug.

So, this is my question... how can I distribute only one copy of my
static library without any debug information and without cracks :)
for the users can link with it in debug or release?

You have to distribute a debug version if you want it to be usable in
debug mode. For the VC series of compilers, the debug symbols are NOT
in the lib file, but in a separate debug info database. Just don't
ship that file!

Bo Persson

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