Re: How does gcc compare to other C++ compilers

James Kanze <>
Fri, 23 Jul 2010 01:51:37 -0700 (PDT)
On Jul 22, 6:37 pm, =D6=F6 Tiib <> wrote:

On 22 juuli, 19:13, Stuart Golodetz

<sgolod...@NdOiSaPlA.pMiPpLeExA.ScEom> wrote:

Do people really find gcc slow? *expresses surprise* When
I compile my current project using gcc it's substantially
faster than MSVC. Perhaps they're both slow in comparison to
something else...?

MSVC is quicker compiler than g++.

It depends on the program, but for most real programs, MSVC 8.0
under Windows is significantly slower the g++ under Linux,
because VC++ actually opens and reads headers multiple times.
(Also probably because the Windows file system is significantly
slower than that of Linux.)

MSVC is slow when using templates massively and having wrong
options. These two (wrong options here) i think ... Debug
Information Format: "Program database for edit and Continue"
(that does not work anyway) and Enable Incremental Linking:
"Yes". Fixing these two should give noticeable speed up.

We have both incremental link and edit and continue turned off,
and VC++ is still significantly slower that g++. (If I do
a rebuild of our solution, it easily takes more than a half an
hour with VC++, less than 5 minutes with g++.)

James Kanze

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